Airport Delays

passengers delayed at an airportAlthough infrequent, long delays often make the news as they tend to effect a huge number of travellers and may even be spread amongst several airports.  Most recently, airport delays have been in the press as a result of the opening of London Heathrow Terminal 5.  The subsequent problems - linked with the baggage handling system - caused the vast majority of flights to be severely delayed or even cancelled.  Although it is sometimes unavoidable, the lesson to be learnt from the Terminal 5 disaster is that it is wise to avoid using airports that are newly opened, implementing new security policies, or trialling new hardware or software - at least until they've ironed out all their issues.  When booking flights, ask about potential changes or developments that may be taking place around the time of your day of travel, as this is usually an indication of whether or not you will experience issues.


Another reason long delays occur is inclement weatherSnow and freezing conditions are particularly hazardous, and airports often make the decision to suspend flights until the weather improves.  If bad weather is forecast for the day or time your flight is leaving, simply be aware that your flight may be delayed.  Being aware of the situation before it occurs is one way to drastically cut down on the stress the delay can cause.  Unfortunately there is no way to book flights that are guaranteed to avoid bad weather, so it is best to simply accept that the delays are for your safety.

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