Airport Delays

passengers delayed at an airportAirport delays are taken very seriously by airport authorities and airlines, and in general flights that have been delayed or suspended indefinitely will be given precedence over scheduled flights so that the back log can be cleared.  Unfortunately it is not always possible for airlines to offer their passengers a quick turn around, and it is sometimes necessary to cancel the flight altogether or at least delay the flight for a day or more.  If this occurs, you are likely to qualify for a refund or at the very least a re-scheduling of your flight.


The easiest way to establish whether or not you have the right to ask for a refund or exchange of your flight is to look at the ticket details.  When you purchase your ticket, you are usually presented (either by email, on paper, or verbally) with a set of conditions that regulate the use of your ticket.  These conditions should indicate the circumstances under which you can be given a refund or be allowed to re-schedule your flight without financial penalty.  If you are unable to locate these conditions, a quick conversation with the airline staff - either at their information desk within the airport or over the phone - will determine your chances.


If the circumstances of the delay are particularly unusual or look set to cause severe problems for a number of days, the airline may offer its passengers refunds or later flights regardless of the conditions on the tickets.  In the off chance that a single plane is severely delayed by mechanical problems or an airline grounds its fleet for one of several reasons, the airline may even offer its passengers the chance to fly with other airlines at the expense of the initial company. 

You will need to also take into account things such as your airport car parking and the cost if missed holiday expenses although these can be claimed against a valid travel insurance policy.

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