Airport Delays

passengers delayed at an airportAirport delays are by their very nature incredibly confusing events.  People tend to clog up the public areas, rumours spread, and staff become harried and stressed.  As a result of such confusion, there are a number of common questions that passengers and family-members of passengers ask when severe delays occur.

One of the most common problems that passengers show concern about is the status of their luggage.  In large airports, luggage can be transported in a number of ways.  Usually it is boarded on the same plane as the passenger, so that it is there upon arrival for the passenger to collect.  In other instances (if delays have already occurred or there has been an unforeseen mix-up with luggage), the baggage may be sent to the passenger's ultimate destination independently of the passenger.  To ensure your baggage does not get lost and to allow you peace of mind if you experience delays, make sure your luggage is clean, in good repair, and is clearly marked.  Make sure your name (and perhaps a contact number) are on the luggage, both on tags and on the fabric of the luggage itself.


Another common question about delays is whether the passengers can go home after checking-in.  If the delays look to be severe, the airline may inform its passengers that they can leave the airport and either seek temporary accommodation or go home for the night.  If the delays look short-term, the airline is not likely to allow passengers to leave after they have checked-in.

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